• RELEASE DATE /April, 22 2016
  • LABEL /Musical Noize
  • FORMAT /Digital


Italy’s Musical Noize has a new mega compilation coming out on July 24th.  This will be the label’s third compilation of contemporary electronic dance music that pushes the boundaries of the traditional genres bringing some of the most progressive sounds around. From big room drops to silky progressive house and trancey bits, if you like the sounds of the mainstage you will love this comp.

With hits from some of the biggest names on the Musical Noize roster such as: Quentin Mosimann, Kitsch 2.0 and Ken Roll, Harvel B, Sour’n Sweet $ Louke and many more.

– Magnetic Magazine

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  1. 01 Kitsch 2.0 & Ken Roll - Yo Mc (Original Mix) Kitsch 2.0, Ken Roll
  2. 02 Quentin Mosimann - Happy Ending (Original Mix) Quentin Mosimann
  3. 03 Harvel B - Opera (Original Mix) Harvel B
  4. 04 Tijuana (Original Mix) Ostblockschlampen
  5. 05 Shaft (Original Mix) Loquito
  6. 06 Sleepwalker (Original Mix) Kris McLachlan
  7. 07 Hands Up In The Air (Original Mix) Dualive, Nicole Chen
  8. 08 Inverse (Original Mix) Sour'n'Sweet, LOUKE
  9. 09 Inception (Original Mix) Massive Vibes
  10. 10 Endless (Original Mix) Serif Chase
  11. 11 Waiting For Feat. Beatrice Thomas (Original Mix) Francis Mercier, Alodot, Beatrice Thomas
  12. 12 Lost My Soul feat. Popr3b3l (Original Mix) Freaky Bass, The Hi-Yahs
  13. 13 Raygun (Original Mix) Dualive
  14. 14 Not Loving You feat. Invi Tado (Original Mix) Alex Larichev, Invi Tado
  15. 15 Liberation feat. Bonnie Legion (Sortek & T-Eleven remix) MB Sak, Bonnie Legion, Sortek,T-Eleven
  16. 16 Time to Run feat. Nathan Brumley (Original Mix) Franko Ovalles, Nathan Brumley
  17. 17 Kheops (Original Mix) Harvel B, Lumberjack
  18. 18 Awakening (Original Mix) Serif Chase
  19. 19 M.S.N. (Original Mix) Laz Perkins
  20. 20 Mindgame (Original Mix) Kris McLachlan
  21. 21 Sound Of Underground (Original Mix) Chris Energize
  22. 22 Knock Out (Original Mix) Dualive
  23. 23 Chilly Bites(Original Mix) Chilly Bites(Original Mix)
  24. 24 At Peace (Original Mix) Serif Chase
  25. 25 D.T.B.M.(Original Mix) Michele Soave
  26. 26 Pump This Party (Original Mix) Dirty Shade, Cosmo, Skorobogatiy
  27. 27 Black (Original Mix) Kris McLachlan
  28. 28 Paramour feat. Bonnie Legion (Original Mix) Luca Grignaffini, Bonnie Legion
  29. 29 Blessed (Original Mix) Ska
  30. 30 Identity (Original Mix) Menegatti, Fatrix
  31. 31 Caught Up (Original Mix) Kris McLachlan

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