Hailing from Japan, experienced in Spain, and taking over Hollywood and the world, DJ Loquito is a name to familiarize yourself with. DJ Loquito has traveled the world entertaining and moving the masses with his music for years. Born and raised in Japan, Loquito moved to the US in 2005. Established as a prominent DJ in Hollywood, he decided to take his show on the road. In 2007 he embarked on his journey though Europe. Embraced for his sense of music and unique style, he was able to spin at clubs throughout England, Turkey, Germany and Switzerland, he ultimately landed a residency at a Club in Barcelona, Spain. After a 6 month residency in Spain, he felt it was time to go back to Hollywood, one of the epicenters of the American nightlife scene. Making his return to Hollywood in 2008, Loquito reinvented his style. Combining his cutting edge style with the party soul he discovered in Europe, he evolved as the “Party Rock” DJ you see today. With this evolution of his sound, he became more popular and has built a larger following than ever. Currently, DJ Loquito is booked throughout Los Angeles, Hollywood, Orange County and San Diego. Headlining venues such as Exchange LA in Downtown Los Angeles, The Colony and Lure in Hollywood, he has become a fixture in the Hollywood scene. Along with his local bookings, he is also making trips back to his home county of Japan and other countries in Asia to do special appearances and guest spots. You can also find his remixes featured on Beatport, DJ Record Pools and forums across the internet. As his name suggests, DJ Loquito (meaning “Crazy” in Spanish) continues to mix his signature crazy party style with his ability to control the crowds, regardless if it’s Hip-Hop, Electro, Dirty Dutch, or even Progressive House. It’s not unusual to see Loquito rock a party in Japan one day, rock another party in Hollywood a few days later, head out to Las Vegas for a daytime party and back to Japan a few days after that for yet another event. He is in high demand and this is only a sign of things to come.